Thank you all who made it out to celebrate our Anniversary on Saturday!

Congratulations to our Champions:

  • Duke Sven Orfhendur (armored)
  • Lady Iona of Lyondemere (Unarmored)
  • Don Konrad Faust Tyndell (Rapier)
  • Hugh ap Rhys (Archery).

Further congratulations to:

  • Lady Gemma Rosalia on her Trident
  • Lady Duibheasa inghean Fhinonnghaile on her Gilded Thimble
  • Lord Darius da Carrara on his College Service Award

I would personally like to thank each of you who made my day much easier with your time and efforts (you know who you are, the list of names would be too long to post here), the Bake-inator for a very scrumptious lunch, and the College for honoring me with a surprise Service Award (you all made me cry a little)! It was an honor to serve you as Seneschal and thank you all for the support, even in “death”!

–Lady Ariana, Ghost of Seneschal Past