Seneschal (President):
Valdis in Blarhar (Angelica Aguilar)

Exchequer (Treasurer):
Lord Eirikr Iversson (Daniel Everson)

Chatelaine (Newcomers officer):
Elena Churilov (Elena Churilov)

Herald (Announcer at events, among other things):
Kara Sindri (Steffani Turner)

Minister of Arts and Sciences (Arts and Sciences Officer):
Gregory Lukyn (Sean Cole)

Constable in Training (Head of security, lost and found, etc.):
Lavonne Hover (Lavonne Hover)

Web Chronicler (Webmaster):
Sárán mac Duinn (Sarah Singer)

Lieutenant of Archers (Head of archery stuff):
THL John of Sudwelle (Larry Andrews)